The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A great book for English as a Second Language students in Vancouver

What is the Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook?

The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook
By Jonathon Narvey
ISBN 0-937333-0-6
$24.95 CDN + GST ($26.70)

The Vancouver ESL Guide, by Jonathon Narvey, is for students of English as a Second Language, teachers and visitors to the most beautiful city on Canada’s west coast. Vancouver combines the best attractions and lifestyle of a big city with nature’s wonders!

This guide will give you all you need to know about the great attractions in Vancouver, from Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium to Chinatown and Science World. There’s also helpful information about your school, city transportation, restaurants and much more.

But this is also a workbook: Practice your English through conversation and writing exercises and learn useful slang and common phrases. Use this book in the classroom, or study the exercises on your own. Learn while you discover all that Vancouver has to offer!

It comes with a CD!

Practice your listening skills! Listen to The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook dialogues from chapters 1 to 20! Use the CD on its own, or listen as you read along. Check out this sample conversation included on the CD:

Topics covered
Chapter 1: Your ESL school
Chapter 2: Relaxing at Blenz café
Chapter 3: I need some medicine!
Chapter 4: Stanley Park
Chapter 5: Chinatown
Chapter 6: Granville Island
Chapter 7: A trip to the library
Chapter 8: Going to the movies
Chapter 9: Gastown
Chapter 10: Whistler Ski Resort
Chapter 11: Traveling around the city
Chapter 12: Museum of Anthropology
Chapter 13: Vancouver Art Gallery
Chapter 14: Vancouver Aquarium
Chapter 15: Dining out
Chapter 16: Let’s go to a game!
Chapter 17: Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park
Chapter 18: Shopping!
Chapter 19: Science World
Chapter 20: Vancouver Museum

Where can I buy this book?

You can order directly from WRITEIMAGE. Contact
$26.70/book. Shipping extra.

You may also find The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook in fine bookstores including:

VCC Bookstore
King Edward Campus Bookstore
1155 East BroadwayVancouver, BC

Sophia’s Books
450 West Hastings St.Vancouver, BC
604-684-4032 (Japanese)

The book is also available for order through AACE (All About Communicating in English). Contact 604-224-4325 or email for other ESL books available through catalogue.

I have a question!

If you have any questions about using The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook, author Jonathon Narvey, or ordering, please email

Publishing information
The Vancouver ESL Guide & Workbook

© 2004 Jonathon Narvey

ISBN 0-9737333-0-6

The material in this book is covered by copyright. However, the publisher grants permission to photocopy all original pages. Private purchasers may make copies for their own use or for use in the classroom. School purchasers may make copies for use within and by staff and students of the school only. Other school branches should purchase a separate master copy of the book for their own use.

For copying in any other circumstances, prior permission must be obtained in writing from Jonathon Narvey at WRITEIMAGE Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Text and cover by Jonathon Narvey
All chapter heading photograph images taken by Jonathon Narvey, with the exception of Chapter 15: Dining Out, plus Chapter 5: Chinatown Conversation Practice Millennium Gate picture. All remaining illustrations from Hemera Technologies Inc. and its licensors.

Printed in Canada.